Learn to calculate your macros and needs to optimize your fat loss!

In this FREE Guide you will learn how to calculate your nutrition needs in a simple way, the macro requirements for your goals, and how to fit them with the right foods! 

    Discover the tools and strategies you need to lose fat through flexible dieting

    Macro counting is an effective method that teaches how you can still enjoy the foods you love and achieve your weight goals.

    • Learn to determine your calorie needs

      In a simplified process, you will estimate your calorie requirements according to your goals

    • Understand your carbs and fat distributions

      The right calculations to know the proper ratio of carbs and fats you need to have

    • Obtain a macro cheat sheet

      You get to download a simple cheat sheet to do all your calculations

    • Determine your protein needs

      You will calculate your protein needs according to your goals whether it's fat loss, health or muscle gain. 

    • Learn to make activity adjustments

      Through a process known as calorie cycling, you will learn how to adjust your needs according how your exercise

    • Meal Planning Guidance

      Knowing your macros is ONE thing but learning how to fill them up with quality is another. 

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